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My wife and I went to the mattress company to find a new mattress base and there was someone with the same surname as our mattress. We borrowed a trailer and took the day off and left the mattress in the back of the truck in a parking lot in front of our home in St. Petersburg.

The delivery man was very polite and efficient and went to great lengths to bring the mattress and box spring to our home. The delivery was on time and with availability and the distribution centre kept us up to date until the last minute.

We called several levels without getting a response and eventually called companies to get someone to answer And we were told the bed could be picked up on Friday. Getting to the store with the guy was great and he helped us quickly limit our search for the right mattress to two. He made us feel comfortable while we tried to find the best price for our sleep. He then explained the different buildings and the purpose of each building to facilitate our final selection.

This was great customer service from Braxton's when he explained the difference between the different mattress types and their different price points.

Get an easy payment option that requires credit cards, debit cards or even a credit card to purchase your mattress or linen.

You can top up your setup and even rent video game consoles at one of Florida's most popular online game shops.

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Amanda is one of the best at presenting her products, so I asked her for advice on what mattresses to look for and what they should look like. She led me through the mattress aisle and answered all the questions I had when I tried mattresses on different surfaces, and answered them all.

I know I didn't even have to bother to find a better price, I got a great offer and I'm waiting for it to come to me. There are things that are good, everything she has told me, including the bad things my wife has respected above.

With a name - the Soundbar brand, which helps you feel the soundtrack - you can bring your movies to life with the sound of your heart. TV, enrich your family room and sing your heart out by equipping your room with the best electronics. This rent-to-own smart TV with high-end sound system delivers stunning images.

Put your feet on the ground with this high quality, high quality and low cost smart TV with a premium sound system for the best sound.

We let you do all the heavy lifting for same day delivery and we'll come in next week for you. You could go to a camp an hour away and forget about it, but we will.

When it came time to finance the mattress, we made sure that they were looked after on the way. The reason we bought this bed was because we were told it would be ready by Friday, and that was it.

Visit your nearest Rent-A-Center to ensure your vision of home entertainment with electronics stores at Crestview comes to life. You can try the technology in your own home, whether you have a smartphone, tablet, computer or even a home cinema system. Find a lot on a high-end computer or smart home in Crest View without breaking the bank.

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